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Welcome to Estetis Clinic , one of the most modern private aesthetic surgery clinics in Romania.

Interventions / procedures

Enlargement, lifting, reduction


Breast enlargement without scars near breasts!

We are the first clinic in Romania and one of the very few in Europe using FULL HD endoscopic technique.

Rhinoplasty, lifting, wrinkle correction


Dr. Porumb Şerban has experience and performs with the same dexterity rhinoplasty closed, open, primary and secondary. He completed a one year training course under the guidance of renowned Professor Laurent Lantieri, the first surgeon to complete a facial transplant.

Intimate, reconstructive, silhouette surgery


Dr. Porumb Şerban has an expertise gained through a university mastership in Paris in oncology surgery organized by the renowned Goustave Roussy oncology institute.

Micrografting, flaps, lifting

Hair transplant

The appearance of micrografts has transformed this surgery, allowing for a reduction in the scale of interventions and residual scars.



Years of activity


Successful interventions

Dr. Emmanuel Claoue at the opening of Estetis Clinic.

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About our clinic

We are a small, exclusive clinic dedicated exclusively to topical plastic and aesthetic surgery, where all patients are operated exclusively by Dr. Porumb Serban from the beginning to the end of the surgery.

To achieve Excellence and Performance in this extremely delicate and difficult area, the maximum number of daily operations is limited to 2, so that we can maximize the outcome of each patient without any time pressure and for results exceptional.

The experience gained in 6 years of specialization in the United States and the European Community, as well as the equipment provided, guarantees results similar to those obtained in prestigious clinics in the West in various areas of aesthetic surgery.

The clinic features state-of-the-art equipment and materials including endoscopic devices to perform endoscopically assisted rhinoplasty.

Combining refinement, modernity, technicalness and safety, Estetis Clinic will not offer an elixir, but a thorough, functional and advanced surgery, with the sole purpose of improving your face or silhouette, practiced by Dr Serban Porumb, a plastic surgeon, the results obtained resulting in a certain international reputation, but also special appreciations from surgeons considered as “living legends” in the field.

The biggest shock was that I did not feel the least postoperative pain
My dream of a lifetime was to look in the mirror and see a woman with breasts, say breasts because at the age of 14 I expect to grow my breasts, but unfortunately God did not endow me in all its forms. So, after “secular” struggles with my husband, I came to Dr. Porumb’s office, which made my dream come true. The morning I woke up after the surgery and looked in the mirror I finally saw a real woman! Today I feel much safer on me. The biggest shock was that I did not feel the slightest postoperative pain. I thank Dr. Porumb because he fulfilled my dream, and God has put him in the way. Waiting for the next patients!
Thank you for what you have done to my life
Dr. Porumb, I want to tell you that I am very pleased with the result of rhinoplasty surgery. Now, after 19 years, I can breathe like all people. This surgery was a great help for me, and because of you and the Estetis Clinic team, I noticed how beautiful life is when you can breathe on your nose, and on top with a very beautiful nose. This clinic is very beautiful from all points of view. Thank you for all the good done to my life
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Tel: +40 723.178.801 
Address: Feleacului 36, Oradea, Romania


“Before and after” gallery

Visit the “before and after” image gallery following rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and other surgery performed by Dr. Porumb.

All the cases presented are the results of Dr Porumb’s interventions , do not use examples or cases from elsewhere (other doctors, aesthetic products).

Check your front and front nose and breasts, not just those in the profile! This is important when you make your choice.

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Read over 40 reviews

5 out of 5 on facebook