Breast augmentation with breast implant (silicone)

Breast enlargement using breast implant by transaxillary approach – NO SCAR on the breast

Implant through the armpit
Scar after 1 year

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement using breast implant by transaxillary approach (through the armpit), no scar on the breast! We are the first clinic in Romania and one of a very few in Europe that uses full HD endoscopic technique for placement of breast implant through the armpit! nerves or lymph nodes from the armpit aren’t affected! arms movements aren’t affected!

Main advantages of this technique are that recovery is faster and most important: there are NO SCAR on the breast!

Also there is an alternative cut, that we call pseudoaxillary approach, in that case the scar is placed nearby the axilla (armpit), on the limit of pectoralis muscle (red drawing). We don’t recommend this type of incision (future scar) because when you put your arms next to the body, it may be pretty visible. The right approach that we do and recommend, in case of endoscopic transaxillary (through the armpit) approach, is with the scar completely under the armpit (blue drawing), as it’s completely hidden, and when it heals looks like a wrinkle of the armpit. This detail is really important and we recommend to discuss it with your surgeon before the surgery.

Pseudoaxillary approach

Implant through the inframammary fold

We reduced the scar by half - just 3 cm!
Endo 6. (mammary augmentation - enlargement of breasts - silicone implants transaxillary - endoscopically assisted)

When introducing the implant through the inframammary fold, we reduced the scar at half to only about 3 cm! usually 5-6 cm!

We use CABIC (Computer Assisted Best Implant Choice) the most powerful software in selection of most suited breast implant for you! specially designed by Dr. Serban Porumb, first time presented in Paris in 2008.

The most performant program of implant selection and dynamics breast implant- living tissue, is first presented in Paris (2008), and allows the choice of the best implant suited to the patient according to the possibilities and to the patient’s expectations! Results are really outstanding, you may read in “Testimonials” section opinion of Professor James L. Baker, MD the most experienced surgeon in the world in this intervention, as well you may see some results bellow.

Mammary hypoplasia is defined by an insufficient volume of the developed breasts compared to the patient’s morphology. This can be cause by the insufficient breast developing during the puberty, or can occur later on as a consequence of weight loosing or because of a birth followed by breastfeeding.

Possible incisions for placing the implant

Implant position:

In front of the pectoral muscle
Behind the pectoral muscle


For a better evaluation and analysis of the breast surgery, Doctor Porumb has gained even more qualifications through a University Master in Oncological and Reconstructive Breast Surgery named “Surgical techniques in Breast, Reconstructive and Cancer Surgery” at the renowned Oncological Institute” Gustave Roussy” at the Paris Medical University, France.

Check in “Testimonials” chapter, appreciation from world most experienced plastic surgeon in the field of breast augmentation, and as well appreciations from our operated patients that don’t complain of pain after the surgery!

Surgical techniques in Breast, Reconstructive and Cancer Surgery – Paris
Enlargement and positioning
Enlargement and positioning
Enlargement and positioning
Uplift, enlargement and positioning
Enlargement, positioning, uplift left breast
Enlargement and uplift
Breast enlargement and positioning insufficiently developed breasts
Breast enlargement insufficiently developed breasts
Breast enlargement and positioning
Augmentation for better filling of the upper pole
Mărire pentru o mai bună umplere a polului superior
Augmentation for better filling of the upper pole
Augmentation and positioning
Augmentation through the armpit
Augmentation and positioning

De la pacienți

I always remain grateful
To be honest, I do not even know what to start with because I’m trying a lot of feelings right now. First of all, I want to thank them for my help for the whole team. I was really amazed to see how professional, meticulous and caring it is in everything that Dr. Porumb and the rest of the team at Estetis Clinic are doing. Thank you for everything and will always be grateful.
I'm altogether another person
I only have words of praise for Dr. Porumb, professionalism, calmness, patience. I am very pleased with the result, it is not just a change of appearance but also morality, I have regained my confidence in myself, I am completely different. Thank you!
The dream came true
I finally got the maximum trust in me, my dream of a life has come true. Since I was little I was staring in the mirror and saying, ‘I’m just waiting to grow bigger and do this surgery’ ‘. Finally, this dream has come true. At first I was very afraid, but the team here and the good treatment made me get over that very easily and it was really nice. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!