Reconstructive plastic surgery, hand surgery

Plastic reconstructive & hand surgery

The plastic and reconstructive surgery restores functions and eliminates defects which were caused by trauma, injuries and tumors, being applied at the level of the face, hands or any other part of the body.

You can see some of the reconstruction examples done by Doctor Porumb. They were caused by some of the above mentioned cuases.

Doctor Porumb has a University Master done at the renown Oncology Institute “Goustave Roussy” from Paris, Master in “Surgery techniques in Reconstructive Mammary Surgery and Cancer”.

University Master “Surgical Techniques in the Mammary reconstructive and carcinogenic surgery”, The Cancer Institute Gustave Roussy, Paris Medical University

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Caution! There are some images below that can affect you emotionally.

A 58-year-old patient after a tumor has a partial nose amputation with multiple attempts to reconstruct the nose performed elsewhere, unsatisfied with the aesthetic appearance, forced to use a mask in public appearances, and functional breathing problems he wants a corrective reintervention. Practically following the previous interventions there is only one chance of aesthetic reconstruction !! 3D multilayer reconstruction is performed with the costal cartilage graft, frontal flap and septal. Extremely complex and difficult case! The patient is very pleased with the result of this aesthetic and reconstructive nose modeling operation.

A 19-year-old patient has a congenital blepharoptosis at the upper left eyelid, seeing only one eye, monocular view, the right one. He is present at several well-known university centers, being diagnosed with oculomotor nerve palsy. It was first practiced by Dr. Porumb, a 19-year-old surgery to repair the eyelid lifting function, which, for the first time after 19 years, the patient can see with both eyes (binoculars). Stable result after 7 years of surgery, the patient can open and close his eyes without problems! Both the functional and the aesthetic look is restored!

A 17-year-old patient suffering from a motorcycle accident, not having a helmet, had a trauma with extensive substance loss and cranial bone exposure. Reconstruction in several stages with aesthetic satisfaction.

A 70-year-old patient, often operated for the recurrence of a malignant tumor of the face, with a tremendous chronic infection with an extremely disagreeable odor, reinvents herself with a much wider re-excision, removing middle- superior to the face, and reconstruction by covering the resulting defect with a free musculo-cutaneous flap and mucous flap to restore the internal angle of the right eye. The patient has both visual function (right eye) and nasal respiratory function. Multidisciplinary approach.

The 84-year-old patient with a malignant malignant tumor at the nose is practicing an excision in oncology safety limits with the quasi-total removal of two-thirds of the nose. 3D reconstruction is performed in three planes: mucous, cartilaginous and cutaneous, keeping the aesthetic and respiratory function of the nose.

The 77-year-old patient with a malignant malignant tumor that invaded the left eye, nose and cheek. Excision is performed within the limits of oncological safety, and reconstruction with defects resulting from multiple skin and muscular flaps, skin graft. The reconstruction is remarkable, keeping the aesthetic faces of the face.

The 39-year-old patient with nail and nail bed was destroyed by a fungus, and the nail bed graft was sampled from a toe. Aesthetic appearance is remarkable 2 years after reconstruction, the patient has a natural and healthy nail.

The 76-year-old patient suffering from a right-hand traumatic amputation amputation is practicing a replanting with the revascularization of the skull. It is remarkable the recovery of some essential functions of this finger, the most important of the hand.

A 17-year-old patient suffers from a quasi-complete avulsion of the middle finger of the digital pulley, remotely reconstructed femoral flap reconstruction. The aesthetic look is remarkable without shortening the finger.

A 51-year-old patient has a complex left hand trauma with devascularization of the pointer, index, and medius. Revascularization is practiced with restoration of blood circulation and reconstruction of bone, tendon and digital nerves.

A 13-year-old patient has a closed-throat extensor tendon at the middle finger distal phalanx, with associated fracture and vicious position without the possibility of active extension at this level (finger-finger mallet). Postoperatively the patient shows full restoration of the function and aesthetic appearance in the normal position of the distal phalange.

I always remain grateful
To be honest, I do not even know what to start with because I’m trying a lot of feelings right now. First of all, I want to thank them for my help for the whole team. I was really amazed to see how professional, meticulous and caring it is in everything that Dr. Porumb and the rest of the team at Estetis Clinic are doing. Thank you for everything and will always be grateful.
I'm altogether another person
I only have words of praise for Dr. Porumb, professionalism, calmness, patience. I am very pleased with the result, it is not just a change of appearance but also morality, I have regained my confidence in myself, I am completely different. Thank you!
The dream came true
I finally got the maximum trust in me, my dream of a life has come true. Since I was little I was staring in the mirror and saying, ‘I’m just waiting to grow bigger and do this surgery’ ‘. Finally, this dream has come true. At first I was very afraid, but the team here and the good treatment made me get over that very easily and it was really nice. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!