Wrinkle correction, lip augmentation

Wrinkles correction – Lips augmentation / Fillers

A special substance is used that diminishes the muscular contraction having effect at the neuromuscular junction level. This substance is used by doctors since 1975 to treat cross-eyes, face twitches, and uncontrolled winking.

This substance uses the myorelaxant proprieties, having as a main purpose the revival of the muscles for the improvement of the face wrinkles (horizontal and vertical), and to determine a smooth, younger look by relaxing the muscle tension.

Through a better tension distribution between the different antagonistic face muscles, we can get to a better muscular balance and equilibrium for a harmonious face.

The effect lasts between 3 and 9 months, depending on a couple of different factors.

Fillers are filling products, which correct through a simple and fast method, certain ageing signs or disharmonies of the face, filling up parts where this is necessarily.

The most frequent corrections are divided in four categories:

  • Depressions: the naso-labial grooves (from the nose wing to the corner of the mouth), labio-mentoniere grooves, orbital grooves etc.
  • Wrinkles: frontal, between eyebrows, mouth corners, cheeks, chin, around the mouth etc.
  • lips: remodeling of the shape, thickening and volume enlarging
  • Volume correction: cheeks, chin, mandible shape, nose, scars from acne or injuries

These defects do not completely disappear but are very much improved by these injections. For the best results it is recommended to redo the treatment every 6-12 months.

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Chemical Peeling and Laser

Doctor Porumb is qualified and has a lot of experience in working with different types of lasers, having an University Master Degree with the “Medical Lasers” specialization.

The Laser (light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is a medical technique which enables to control the photovaporization, depending on the different used lasers, for a precise surgery, faster scar healing and the stimulation and reorientation of the collagen fibred from the depth of the skin, tattoo removing or permanent hair removal.

The peeling is a controlled burning of the face skin, décolletage, or the hand, having as a purpose the improvement in the appearance regarding wrinkles and stains of the skin texture..

More types of peeling exist, the used agents being different, from vegetal to chemical substances, the result depending on the used agent, its concentration and the application time, varying from a simple peeling up to a full abrasion, resulting in the improvement or total removal of certain skin defects.

University Master Degree « Medical Lasers», year 2004-2005, Paris University 5 Rene Descartes, Paris, France
I always remain grateful
To be honest, I do not even know what to start with because I’m trying a lot of feelings right now. First of all, I want to thank them for my help for the whole team. I was really amazed to see how professional, meticulous and caring it is in everything that Dr. Porumb and the rest of the team at Estetis Clinic are doing. Thank you for everything and will always be grateful.
I'm altogether another person
I only have words of praise for Dr. Porumb, professionalism, calmness, patience. I am very pleased with the result, it is not just a change of appearance but also morality, I have regained my confidence in myself, I am completely different. Thank you!
The dream came true
I finally got the maximum trust in me, my dream of a life has come true. Since I was little I was staring in the mirror and saying, ‘I’m just waiting to grow bigger and do this surgery’ ‘. Finally, this dream has come true. At first I was very afraid, but the team here and the good treatment made me get over that very easily and it was really nice. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!